"Thank you so much for your counselling the last few months, it’s been such a relief having a safe space and someone to confide in and cry in front of, it may not have seemed like it but I could breathe at times, thank you for your time & patience."

"Listened without judgment."

"Reminded me of my strength and resilience."

"I felt that she was very thorough going through all the info I needed to know and making sure that I understood it, and she was interested in what I had to say and things I needed to talk about. Most important, I felt safe and heard during the session."

"I'm very grateful for all the help, advice and rationalisation of my thoughts to help me. It's making a big difference to me and my life, and helping me to not feel lost especially when vulnerable. I have been seeing Sandra for 15x sessions helping me find the way on how to deal with difficulties. I have been struggling with for a long time, actually perhaps not even knowing, for decades… and more."

"We brought me to the point where I have started to feel safe. To feel safe is a peaceful place and through Sandra’s understandings, I have started to approach it and be aware of it. Sandra will take to the water, but she won’t drink for you… this is your homework."